The Gwynedd Fusion Network (GFN) is an innovative new programme being led by Communities First in north Wales. BusinessLab's Family Learning Signature is the tool of choice.

The mission of GFN is to focus the learning and educational resources of a network of...
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BusinessLab is in the process of finalising the details of two new pieces of work in Newcastle Upon Tyne. These contracts will focus on the areas of health, wellbeing and ageing and the workscope will utilise our skills in facilitation, engagement and...
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Ian Leith, who manages the Signature Academy, BusinessLab’s rapidly growing community of practice in the UK and USA, has been training two new cohorts of Family Learning Signature Agents in south east Wales.

These agents will be working in new clusters of...
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Terrace Road Primary School in Swansea have been using BusinessLab's Family Learning Signature Tool to help families with the transition from Year 6 up. They've created a case study about the FLS on their website. This may be of interest to other...
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BusinessLab is pleased to announce that it's working closely with Newcastle City Council and the Health Innovation and Education Cluster North East (HIEC) on the next phase of AdvantageNewcastle (AN), which set out to develop a new generation of opportunities for local...
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Welcome to BusinessLab

BusinessLab is a research-based strategic consultancy supporting clients in many sectors around the world. Our focus is on learning, improvement and transformation.

Now, we can say a great deal about the excellent quality of our work and our total dedication to delivering results for our clients, but the proof of the pudding is in what our clients say about us. So, we have given the platform to Nautronix, one of the most innovative subsea communications businesses in the international oil and gas industry – and for whom, incidentally, year on year, our Corporate Signature process has been achieving 90 per cent plus employee engagement.

Here's what the leadership of Nautronix have to say:

"BusinessLab builds a close working relationship with the client. They focus on efficient planning and they deliver a very smooth process with a rapid and effective response to any emerging needs. They provide a highly flexible service at all times. Their communication and feedback is first class and they have consistently delivered high quality information and insights to assist our organisational capacity building plans.”

"To assist our strategic and operational decision making, BusinessLab's Corporate Signature has proven itself to be an innovative and hugely useful management tool. BusinessLab's high quality, clearly evidenced outputs and insightful observations have played an important role in securing senior management buy-in and engagement."